How Community Management Principles Can Support Product-Led Growth artwork
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How Community Management Principles Can Support Product-Led Growth

  • E223
  • 29:33
  • July 2nd 2024

Jeff Coyle is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of MarketMuse, an industry-leading content planning technology.

Today, he will explain how community management principles can support product-led growth. Jeff also discusses how community drives “sales-led growth” and the importance of employee advocacy in the success of a community. MarketMuse, his platform, identifies content quality issues and creates a channel for content optimization.

Show Notes

[1:10] Traditional product management and traditionally trained product managers do not typically come from the land of social media.

[5:31] How has the community influenced overall product-led growth?

[8:22] The importance of having thick skin is that you can experience what it’s like to have a negative emotion emerge and create more transparent communication.

[15:54] Employee advocacy and its social impact

[23:18] Key takeaways from this episode that listeners should consider.

About Jeff Coyle

Coyle is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of MarketMuse. This company assists content marketers in establishing topical authority, improving content quality, and transforming semantic research into actionable insights.

Prior to joining MarketMuse, he previously operated his own marketing consultancy and managed the Traffic, Search, and Engagement team for TechTarget, a leader in B2B technology publishing and lead generation.


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