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How to Unsuccessfully Launch a ProductLed Growth Motion

  • E135
  • 15:39
  • October 4th 2022

We frequently hear expertise and insights about growing your product-led businesses in the global market. But what about tackling a different view of the discussion that will blow your mind? 

In today's podcast, Wes Bush is here to discuss a different approach of ideas and insights about how to be successful in building an unsuccessful launch of a product-led growth motion! You read that right! 

Are you beginning to wonder what will happen next in this conversation? Then take a seat, unwind, and start listening to this podcast immediately!


 [01:11] Do it alone!

[01:50] Make a free trial of your unfinished product and launch it with high sales goals on day one.

[02:23] Don't create a team to work on your product-led growth plan.

[02:40] Never train your staff on any subject involving your product.

[03:16] Assume you know it all.

[03:33] Keep your business's reasons for making this shift a secret.

[03:53] Don't prioritize early initiatives well.

[04:32] Avoid following any framework or anyone so that you can spend more time simply making mistakes for people.

[04:46] Don't create the strategy as a leadership group.

[05:27] Focus on large-scale revolutions!

[05:38] Do not perform good optimizations because most product models were perfect at launch.

[05:56] Make sure you don't measure the user's success.

[06:17] Concentrate on various user and ideal consumer kinds.


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