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What it takes to go from sales-led to product-led

  • E73
  • 45:40
  • July 13th 2021

Stephanie Cox is the president of Lumavate and host of the Real Marketers podcast.

In this episode, she walks us through Lumavate’s journey from being a direct sales-driven company to a product-led one. Stephanie also talks about some of the tools and techniques that Lumavate has applied to find success.

Show Notes

[01:20] About Lumavate

[03:42] The challenges of transitioning from sales-led to product-led

[08:10] Why being product-led is like eCommerce

[10:22] How Stephanie and her team track data

[17:48] Consumer behavior is constantly changing

[19:19] On marketing in relation to product-led growth 

[25:13] How Lumavate approaches customers

[28:25] On marketing qualified leads and how people engage with software providers 

[37:15] How Lumavate has changed from a marketing point of view

[43:07] Stephanie’s advice for companies going product-led 


About Stephanie Cox 

Stephanie Cox has over 15 years of marketing experience and was the VP of sales and marketing at Lumavate until she became its president last May. She also hosts the Real Marketers podcast to help out other marketers, leaders, and sales reps.  

Stephanie has done just about everything: launched companies, brands, new products, geographic expansion, and more. She has driven phenomenal growth, spoke at conferences around the world, led incredible teams, and she’s just getting started. 




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