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Academic Writing for Dissertations and Theses | FIRST EDITING

  • S1E30
  • 34:12
  • June 17th 2020

Graduate writing - PhDs and Masters theses and dissertations - are long projects that adhere to a set of conventions. Usually they include a literature review and a methodology section, sometimes a bit of history or a theoretical framing. While not all theses or dissertations across subject areas will be similar, most will have sections that are very similar. As a graduate writer, you can feel confident in your subject matter, and this episode will walk you through the how-tos of creating some of the standard sections that these genres of academic writing include.

Dr. Lindy goes through what's necessary in an introduction for a thesis or a dissertation: how do you write about methodology and provide a literature review, and what are some other sections in a typical thesis or dissertation? 

In this podcast, you will also learn:

• How to write a successful thesis/dissertation introduction

• What is a methodology section and how to write it

• What needs to be included in a literature review and how to write it

• How to paraphrase and model build without plagiarizing, but without over quoting in a thesis or dissertation

Get to know our Publishing Power Guest Speaker, Dr. Lindy Ledohowski!

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