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Authorpreneurship | FIRST EDITING

  • S1E11
  • 32:23
  • February 14th 2020

Learn how Joanna Penn transitioned from her corporate day job to a multi-six-figure author entrepreneur. After deciding that she wanted to be a full-time author, she downsized, planned, and created her new career as a bestselling author.

So listen in to learn:

  • The importance of deciding what you truly want to achieve with your writing so that you can map out a plan to your success
  • How others have made the transition from their day job to a career in the book industry
  • How to create multiple streams of income as a writer

Joanna Penn encourages authors to decide what it is you truly want. When you know this, you can focus on achieving your success as a writer.

Get to know our Publishing Power Guest Speaker, Joanna Penn!

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