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  • S1E26
  • 27:14
  • May 21st 2020

Many authors focus on writing their book and then think they should just launch. They do not take enough time to prepare and build an audience to set them up for success. Even those that do some pre-launch marketing often stop as soon as their book is published. This will result, 90% of the time, in a complete halt to sales as well. The authors who will have the most success know and understand the importance of a long-term approach to their book marketing. Alexa works with authors to build that pre, during, and post-launch marketing strategy so that they are set up for better success.

Alexa covers the importance of authors to focus on more than just their book launch, but having a specific plan for audience growth beginning very early in the writing process and continuing long after the book has launched. 

In this podcast, you will also learn:

  • Why authors must start their marketing early.
  • How authors need to focus on creating a plan and taking consistent action steps to follow that plan. 
  • The importance of building an engaged and correct audience.

Get to know our Publishing Power Guest Speaker, Alexa Bigwarfe!

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