What Type of Editing Do You Need? artwork
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What Type of Editing Do You Need?

  • E53
  • 06:13
  • August 27th 2021

Your editing will be influenced by the demands of your book, where you are in the writing process, and what you want from your editor. To accomplish effectiveness and clarity, you must go through three phases in the editing process.

In today’s episode, JoEllen Nordstrom, founder of First Editing, will give a run-through of the levels of editing and its specific purposes.

Listen to this episode now to learn about the many types of writing you'll need!


  • [00:25] What is structural content editing?
  • [01:29] Structural Editing for Non-Fiction Writers
  • [01:58] First Level: Substantive Content Editing
  • [02:51] Second Level: Line Editing
  • [03:47] Final Level: Copy Editing
  • [04:15] Fourth and Final Stage: Professional Proofreading



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