Solving language based customer service inequalities - Interview with Vasco Pedro of Unbabel artwork
Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe

Solving language based customer service inequalities - Interview with Vasco Pedro of Unbabel

  • E376
  • 41:29
  • February 16th 2021

Today’s interview is with Vasco Pedro, the co-founder and chief executive officer of Unbabel, a company that removes language barriers by blending artificial intelligence with real time, human translations. Vasco joins me today to talk about their AI-powered, human-refined “Translation as a Service” business, the concept of language operations, William Gibson’s Neuromancer, how their technology works and the sort of results it produces as well as sharing a few ideas about the future of service, experience and technology.

This interview follows on from my recent interview – The power of personalised videos to drive engagement at all stages of the customer journey – Interview with Matt Barnett of Bonjoro – and is number 376 in the series of interviews with authors and business leaders that are doing great things, providing valuable insights, helping businesses innovate and delivering great service and experience to both their customers and their employees.

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Note: This podcast series was originally known as the RARE Business podcast but rebranded in late 2019 on the back of the publication of my latest book: Punk CX.