Is QuickBooks Online The Right Fit For My Non-Profit Organization? artwork
QuickBooks Online and Accounting For Non-profit Bookkeepers

Is QuickBooks Online The Right Fit For My Non-Profit Organization?

  • E1
  • 23:00
  • February 8th 2020

In this first episode, I discuss matters that help non-profit bookkeepers decide whether QuickBooks online is the right fit for their organization or their clients.

There are some limitations when using QuickBooks online. Still, the purpose of this podcast series is to discuss some of the workarounds that will help you conform QuickBooks online around you and your organization's needs.

Although QuickBooks online is not designed explicitly for non-profits, it works up to the point that it is acceptable to most organizations. As most of you may know, QuickBooks online itself is not necessarily designed for non-profits, but that's not to say it can't be used for non-profits because it can. 

You just need to understand the software's limitations and know whether the built-in features and workarounds are acceptable to your non-profit.

There are four QuickBooks Online (QBO) subscription levels: Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. Payroll and merchant services can be added to any of the subscription levels, so if you have employees, and you accept credit cards, you can achieve both with any of the subscriptions.

But there is one thing that you MUST take into consideration when choosing the right subscription. Because the Plus and Advanced subscription levels are the only ones that have the "Class Feature," I do not recommend non-profits subscribe to either the Simple Start or the Essentials version. As a non-profit, the class feature is a feature that you must have. This feature is what will help you break your organization's transaction into programs and programs is what non-profits are all about.

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QuickBooks Online and Accounting For Non-profit Bookkeepers

This podcast is based on the content on my YouTube channel.

I will be discussing different ways nonprofit bookkeepers can use QuickBooks online to maintain the books of a non-profit organization.

I will also discuss the basics of non-profit accounting as it relates to non-profit bookkeeping. 

Knowing how to utilize QuickBooks online alone without understanding basic non-profit accounting can pose some challenges when trying to correct errors or evaluate reports.