#307 - Live and Outside artwork
Realm Maintenance

#307 - Live and Outside

  • 1:44:28
  • July 28th 2020

Blizzard podcast news for July and much more can be found on this episode!

Do you want info on where you can listen to interviews with Shadows Rising author Madeleine Roux? We've got you covered!

This month's edition of Realm Maintenance also brings to the show the hosts of one of WoW's oldest podcasts, Warcraft Outsiders!

Following the podcast spotlight, Rho talks to Jen and Eric, a married couple streaming on Twitch as JenEricLive!

The show wraps up with Aprillian from Ctrl Alt WoW returning to the show for a session of RNG.

This episode does contain a few instances of mature language.

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