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Reimagining Government

Long-term thinking

  • S2E2
  • 36:35
  • November 1st 2023

It’s vital that governments think about and plan for the future, but often, our thinking can be limited. 

The models we have in our minds about growth, success, and the environment shape how we imagine life and government in the long term. 

This episode explores how governments can find new ways to frame our future, including degrowth and seven-generation thinking. Read the blog here.

Featured in this episode:

  • Adrian Brown (Host) - Executive Director, Centre for Public Impact
  • Javiera Godoy (Host) - Programme Manager, Centre for Public Impact
  • Gabriela Cabaña - Co-founder, Degrowth London
  • Jayne Engle - Mission Co-holder, Dark Matter Labs

Reimagining Government

Governments are under increasing pressure to bring about the results people expect, while remaining trusted and relevant. And yet, the systems, structures, and processes of government today are often not set up to respond to the complex challenges we face as a society. In recent years, wicked problems such as the global pandemic, climate crisis, persistent racial and economic inequity, as well as a rise in misinformation have brought into sharp focus the need for government to work differently.

From the Centre for Public Impact, this podcast explores radical new approaches to addressing the most pressing issues of our time by speaking with public servants and politicians at the heart of government around the world.

Learn more about this emerging vision for better government at centreforpublicimpact.org to build the knowledge, skills, and connections you need to succeed in the public service.

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Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown is the Executive Director at the Centre for Public Impact.

Adrian has over 20 years' experience working on government performance and transformation in the UK and internationally. He has held a range of positions in the UK government, including stints at the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit, the Strategy Unit and as a policy adviser in the Prime Minister's Office.