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ReNew Podcast

Intro - Embracing Innovation

  • S1E1
  • 15:33
  • November 26th 2020

Welcome to the 1st Episode of the ReNew Network Podcast. Richard ponders what it might look like if we had the courage to embrace innovation as the Church.

ReNew Network Podcast

There are people in our communities who long to experience the hope promised through the story of Jesus. But the people who carry this hope have become cluttered with activities that create distance from the people they are called to be amongst.

Centered on the story of Jesus, the ReNew Discipleship Network provides an invitation, permission, a community framework and a learning pathway that de-clutters our experience of following Jesus and removes the distance that has developed between the people of God and the world.

ReNew exists to be a catalytic force in the renewal of the Church and the world in which it is called to serve.

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Richard & Catriona Sharp

Join Richard and Catriona as they ReNew their understanding of following Jesus, expand their heart as present people and explore what the Church can become in the ever changing world we live in.