106 Building omnipresence in the marketplace Part 2 (PROGRAM)
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106 Building omnipresence in the marketplace Part 2 (PROGRAM)
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Trevor Young aka The PR Warrior discusses the program execution aspect of how professional experts and aspiring thought leaders can build omnipresence for their personal brand in the marketplace using a combination of owned, earned and social media.

Following on from last week's planning session (episode 105), Trevor walks us through the importance of developing a pipeline of content, using a quarterly editorial calendar as a guide.

He talks about building a presence on social media through active personal participation; the focus on building relationships with key journalists and bloggers; the need to plug into our 'clusters of influence'; and the importance of always having a finger on the pulse of your thought leadership marketing activities, and why monitoring, reviewing and evaluating progress is critical for the long-term improvement and success of your Omnipresence program.

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