111 Becoming a social media influencer in a tough industry with Wes Pinkston
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111 Becoming a social media influencer in a tough industry with Wes Pinkston
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How do you go about building your personal brand influence in one of the toughest markets (LA) of one of the toughest professional industries (real estate) going? 

How do you break through, get noticed and, importantly, how can you elevate yourself to the position of influencer in an industry that has a more than its fair share of experts (real or self-proclaimed).

The answer is social media.

Wes Pinkston is an entrepreneur focusing on building and executing digital strategies. Most recently he was the co-creator of “The Broke Agent" blog which quickly became one of the top websites in the industry with over 100,000 unique visitors per month.

Wes is a leading social media and digital marketing consultant for real estate agents and brokers. He was recently named a Swanepoel Top 20 Social Media Influencer in Real Estate and is an Inman News Contributor and Ambassador.

In this chat with the PR Warrior Trevor Young, Wes explains how he uses social media to build influence in LA real estate circles.

They discuss the full social media gamut, from Twitter and Facebook through to LinkedIn and blogging, including the importance of making every tweet count, the power of human connection when it comes to social networking, and why having a compelling purpose is critical in business today.

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