125 Building a sustainable business around your thought leader brand with Tarran Deane
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125 Building a sustainable business around your thought leader brand with Tarran Deane
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Tarran Deane is National President of Professional Speakers Australia. She is a Ducati-riding speaker, trainer, executive coach and consultant who helps leaders to lead more effectively.

Once she left the corporate world, Tarran's goal was simply to become a speaker, but she soon morphed into an "entrepreneur with a message".

"I knew I had to build my business first to release me to then go out and be the face of the business." 

Tarran recommends staying open to opportunities - your market and industry will tell you what they need: "then it's up to us to test and measure".

She says speaking is delivering the what and the why, and the longer-form work - your intellectual property at a deeper level, for example consulting or coaching, is delivering the how and the when.

Tarran and Reputation Revolution host, Trevor Young, chat about how thought leaders are now their own media company, and why it's important to stay current, to let go of things in order to to be ready for what's coming up.

Says Tarran: "Every piece of content that we deliver needs to earn the right to stay in our repertoire on an annual basis, otherwise are we outdated, are we remaining relevant ... are we anchored to something because it's a bit of a crutch?"

Trevor and Tarran also cover:

  • Writing a book - "A book is highly aspirational, highly beneficial."
  • Discovering your personal voice
  • Creating video content, including the power of behind-the-scenes video, and why keeping it genuine and real is attractive for viewers



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