139: Commercialising your personal brand with Mary Henderson
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139: Commercialising your personal brand with Mary Henderson
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Mary Henderson is a personal branding specialist based in Melbourne, Australia.

She helps coaches, consultants, business owners and corporate executives define their personal brand and convert their expertise into a business solution that solves a complex problem.

In this wide-ranging chat with Trevor Young, Mary 

  • Building a personal brand that can be commercialised
  • Content is not IP; it needs to be turned into a methodology
  • The importance of mastering one craft to position ourselves as an authority in that particular space
  • Why you need to understand your 'end-goal'
  • Having an agile mindset is "absolutely critical"
  • Content is king, "but volume content is a whole new level"

Mary's LinkedIn video strategy

Mary also unpacks her LinkedIn content strategy, which is really starting to pay dividends for her profile and her business.

Video is her go-to media format, and she breaks them down into themed series

She started with daily videos: "The engagement has been fantastic ... some posts reach 5000 views, ten, twenty, forty, even 50,000". 

Mary is now experimenting with posting on LinkedIn three times a day, two of which are videos.

Most of Mary's videos are pretty "raw", although if she's targeting them at the C-suite, she will record them in in her home studio.

And here's the kicker: Mary reveals that it took at least six months of producing content daily on LinkedIn to effectively position herself as an authority in the personal branding space. By month nine, now the leads are starting to flow in from all over the world.

But wait, there's more! Perceived credibility brings business benefits.

Mary says the third part to all of this is once you establish your 'go-to' status, people start perceiving you to be the top of your field and understand you're not going to be "the $299 (per hour) coach".

"They already know that," she says.

So in essence, according to Mary, the "six-to-nine month mark is where it's the game-changer".

But, she reiterates, content is fundamental.

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