141 Achieving a return on your intellect with Ronan Leonard
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141 Achieving a return on your intellect with Ronan Leonard
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Ronan Leonard works with professional experts and thought leaders to get the most out of their ideas and intellectual property.

More specifically, through his business Eccountability, he helps people create global online virtual mastermind groups.

Part of Ronan's process is to people how to find their niche 'white space', drawing out and amplifying their hidden genius, and then packaging it up so they can automate the process and achieve a predictable income.

In this chat with Trevor Young, Ronan provides his definition of a thought leader.

"It's not enough to be a subject matter expert," he says.

Ronan also unpacks masterminds, a concept that has its genesis in Napoleon Hill's 1937 classic book, Think and Grow Rich.

A mastermind group is designed to help people overcome challenges with help from the collective expertise and skill-sets of others. A group might meet monthly, weekly, or even daily to receive support, provide advice, share resources, and tackle problems together.

According to Ronan, successful mastermind meetings always have some sort of an agenda and someone in moderator role, ensuring conversations stay on track.

Other points of discussion include:

  • the optimum number of participants for a successful mastermind
  • how long masterminds should run for
  • how much successful mastermind facilitators are charging
  • the difference between group coaching and mastermind groups

A key takeaway from Ronan is that subject matter experts should teach to the problem: "You want to teach what people want to learn, not what you want to teach," he says.






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