154: Using video to build thought leadership *** PLUS *** Tips from smartphone video evangelist, Julian Mather
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154: Using video to build thought leadership *** PLUS *** Tips from smartphone video evangelist, Julian Mather
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Thank you for joining us here on Reputation Revolution, the podcast that’s all about growing your sphere of influence and creating more IMPACT by building a credible personal brand that’s recognised and respected for all the right reasons.

During the course of the last two episodes, we looked at the need for emerging thought leaders to put themselves out there - to stand up, have an opinion, establish our voice - and the need to create content to reinforce and amplify that voice.

We looked at live streaming and public speaking; in this episode, we focus on producing video using the smartphone.

Video is a powerful tool in enhancing the credibility of your voice and extending the reach of your story and your message.

In short, if you want to build a credible profile and trusted reputation in the marketplace, video should definitely be on your content creation radar.

Host Trevor Young, aka 'The PR Warrior',  walks us through the types of videos that can help build thought leadership for one's personal brand.

Then it's over to this week's expert guest - smartphone video evangelist, Julian Mather.

Julian says the world is "hungry for truth" and explains how "authentic, agile and inexpensive videos" can be used to spark conversation and build trust with viewers.

The problem is, Julian says, "we've all got this aversion to being on camera".

The interview includes references to:

*** one of the best introductory bios you'll ever hear!

*** how Julian is inciting a business video rebellion

*** why your smartphone is like an "anti-invisibility machine for your business"

*** how to overcome fear of being on-camera by using Julian's "head, heart and hands" approach to video-making

*** get someone to critique your videos, but not anyone from your family! "Your family are your worst critics," says Julian.

*** "Fail quickly, fail quietly ... rinse and repeat, and just keep trying."

You can't win this new game if you're playing by the old rules, says Julian.

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