160: | Unleash your rockstar personal brand | Expert guest - Jonathan George, the Human Hitmaker
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160: | Unleash your rockstar personal brand | Expert guest - Jonathan George, the Human Hitmaker
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"And now with social media being so huge, you've got to show up authentically. You've got to know who you are and just be real with people. And it doesn't matter if you're a college student, if you're a millennial who's hitting the workforce. If you are a CEO, your personal brand, you have the power and the control of how people are going to digest you, how they're going to take you in. You have that power." - Jonathan George.

As CEO of JG Entertainment, Jonathan George has spent the past 20 years creating rockstar brands for celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers with over 150 million online followers.

Known as “The Human Hitmaker”, Jonathan's strength is to identify and extract people’s greatest untapped assets and brand it into rockstar status for their highest potential of authority, impact, and success.

In this conversation with Trevor Young, Jonathan touches on a range of topics and ideas, including:

  • his origin story, going from the depths of "I'm not good enough" to becoming "The Human Hitmaker" and helping to create rockstar personal brands with over 150 million online followers
  • identifying your character strengths
  • exposing (and embracing) your flaws
  • his personal branding framework - headspace (the who, how and the what), the heart (your why), the body (the content you put out) and foot (the action, the marketing, the push)
  • Success is 20% talent. The other 80% is how you brand that talent to shine.

Plus Jonathan gives examples of some of his clients and how he worked with them to develop their 'rockstar' personal brand.

If you want to learn how to overcome average with personal branding, you'll love this interview with Jonathan George.

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