176:  Building an influential personal brand | CASE STUDY - Jen Bishop, Interiors Addict artwork
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176: Building an influential personal brand | CASE STUDY - Jen Bishop, Interiors Addict

  • S3E176
  • 31:57
  • November 22nd 2020

In this episode of the podcast, Trevor Young speaks with Jen Bishop, founder, publisher and owner of online publication, Interiors Addict. 

Jen left her career as a journalist and editor to work full-time on her blog. While she had no design qualifications, she was passionate about all things décor and homewares, plus an ability to write and bring other people’s stories to life.

Eight years later, Interiors Addict attracts 150,000 monthly readers, and Jen is a recognised influencer and brand ambassador.

Some of the key points you don’t want to miss from this episode:

  • A very inspiring story of how a personal hobby blog grew into a successful brand and business
  • Jen's advice on what she would do differently if she was starting a blog today
  • How true influence is earned
  • Building credibility and becoming a sought-after brand ambassador
  • It's okay to be choosy about who you work with if it means protecting your brand and keeping it real for your audience
  • Jen's Instagram strategy - you might find it surprising!

This episode is a case study of someone who left their job, followed their passion and has used content, social media and personal branding to carve out a very successful niche.






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