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Reverse Gear

with Ron Samuels

Created by TNCRadio.LIVE • 24 episodes

Reverse Gear

Reverse Gear takes you back in time, and around the world to replay the sound track of life…You’ll hear the music, stories behind the artists, the backup musicians, studios and cities that made the sound track of life….That special song that you and your significant other called ‘your song’ that still gives you a warm/fuzzy and memory of the days when love was new and each kiss an inspiration…The musical history of life, the songs that spark the imagination and take you back to yesteryear, and the sound track of your life


Meet the Hosts

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Ron Samuels

    Experienced tv, movie and radio personality across many major markets (Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, San Francisco) and newspaper columnist/entertainment editor, Ron has had a front row seat to the sound track of life and the people responsible for it. He’s a ‘been there, done that’ guy. Between media assignments, Ron has driven limos, tour buses, and big rigs for ‘eating money’. You can find him flying single engine air craft, wind surfing or boating during his down time.