The Dangerous Goodman
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The Dangerous Goodman
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LADIES... How about hearing from a Male's perspective the identity of a man??? Join the discussion live or recorded podcast with my special guest Pastor Kenny Luck. He is the author of Dangerous Good, rediscovering who men are and what they are made to be. https://www.everymanministries.com/

We will also be discussing the male/ female relationship and the power of partnership.

Great program for both men and women!! Ladies get your husbands to listen as well!!!!

Listen live on Facebook Wed 10 a.m. PST Julie Pearson. Or your favorite podcast station.

Revive Podcast is a place where you will hear inspiring testimonies and expert information to encourage and help you live REVIVED in the difficult areas of life. We also record video live on Facebook @juliepearsonblog https://juliepearson.org/ instagram: @juliepearson68

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