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Sarah's Country

FULL SHOW (3 April) : Its a wild world

  • S1E58
  • 43:46
  • April 3rd 2020

It’s a wild world

The lyrics of a brand new song by one of my favourite artists, Kip Moore, released this week nails it. 

It is so humbling that rural media is valued as essential by the New Zealand government as the food & fibre sector takes the boot to the ball like Beaver in the last 30 seconds of the game.

With the successful release of the new Sarah’s Country LIVE show this week Monday to Thursday we have changed to a ‘best of’ highlights full show for podcasts each Friday and across radio stations on the weekends. 

Guests on this week’s show:

1. APEC WORKING TOGETHER: Trade commentator and consultant, Stephen Jacobi.

2. ONLINE LIVESTOCK TRADING THE NEW NORMAL: PGG Wrightson Livestock general manager, Peter Moore.

3. KILLING THE KIWIFRUIT PREMIUM: NZAB Managing Director, Scott Wishart.

4. READY TO EAT YOUR REDNECK COMMENTS, MINISTER?: Minister of Regional Economic Development, Shane Jones.

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