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Sarah's Country

Logan Williams | “Young inventor adding value to coarse wool”

  • S2E40
  • 13:22
  • February 10th 2021

As part of this week’s “Change Maker” show of Sarah’s Country, young inventor and entrepreneur, Logan Williams, shares how he’s adding value to coarse wool with corn starch.

Having already sold four of his inventions, three to overseas companies, Logan is embarking on a much bigger mission, to save the strong wool industry in New Zealand with his new invention.

It is a biodegradable material made of a combination of strong wool and corn starch to make all sorts of products as a replacement for plastic. It is called Keravos.

To hear more from Logan, catch him at E Tipu 2021: The Boma NZ Agri Summit on 11–12 May at Christchurch Town Hall. Head to etipu.boma.global for full details.

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