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Say Hi to Money

Created by Ryan Daniels • 21 episodes

21 Episodes

Ryan's Rant - Man Up!
  • E20
  • 20:18
  • Jun 21st 2022
Parents, Kids & Money
  • E19
  • 25:19
  • Jun 15th 2022
Money Mindset
  • E18
  • 40:46
  • Jun 7th 2022
Health & Wealth
  • E17
  • 24:27
  • May 24th 2022
Raising MONEY SMART Kids
  • E13
  • 24:28
  • Mar 29th 2022
Married Money
  • E11
  • 35:30
  • Mar 1st 2022

Say Hi to Money

Stop running and “Say Hi to Money”. Take control of money by building a plan that fits your life! Forget the suit and tie advisors and complicated financial jargon. We’re not just advisors, we’re your coach. We’ll keep it simple and teach you how to have confidence with money rather than running when the topic comes up. You might be wondering how can I budget and actually stick to it? How does my 401k actually work? Should I start saving or pay off debt? What about my kids, how do I teach them? We’ll discuss all this and more. 

Ryan Daniels is a licensed financial advisor, veteran and family man. He knows you're busy and don't have time for a 32-step budget or 3-hour investment seminar. Ryan, as your money coach, discusses how to build a simple to follow financial plan that fits your life so you can focus on what matters most today!

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