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Amy Brown: Amplifying Healthcare Experiences with AI

  • S4E220
  • 29:29
  • May 9th 2024

Amy Brown is the founder and CEO of Authenticx, a groundbreaking software platform that revolutionizes healthcare by analyzing and activating patients' voices at scale. 

With a career spanning decades in the healthcare industry, Amy has been a tireless advocate for underserved populations and a leader in expanding healthcare coverage to thousands of Indiana residents.

Amy's journey in healthcare began with managing a contact center, where she witnessed firsthand the untapped potential of customer interactions as a source of valuable insights. Her experience managing the workforce taking in millions of conversations led her to found Authenticx in 2018. Her mission with Authenticx is clear: to bring the authentic voice of the patient into the boardroom and drive positive healthcare outcomes.

Under Amy's leadership, Authenticx has evolved from manual analysis to developing AI models that enable near-real-time analysis of customer interactions. This innovation allows healthcare organizations to identify transformational opportunities and make data-driven decisions to improve patient experiences.

Amy's dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of healthcare has made Authenticx a pioneering force in the industry. Her vision extends beyond individual interactions to address systemic inefficiencies in processes and technology decisions, ultimately leading to improved clinical outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Key Takeaways 

1. Authenticx's Mission: Authenticx is dedicated to bringing the authentic voice of the patient into healthcare decision-making processes, leveraging AI-driven analytics to drive positive outcomes.

2. Real-Time Insights: The platform provides near-real-time analysis of customer interactions, empowering organizations to identify trends, issues, and opportunities for improvement as they happen.

3. Cross-Functional Impact: Authenticx's data visualizations and voice clips enable leaders across different functional areas to access actionable insights, leading to informed decisions and proactive improvements.

4. Automation for Efficiency: Authenticx's AI-driven analytics automate tasks, freeing up human resources to focus on activating data insights and addressing systemic inefficiencies in healthcare processes and technology.


[00:03:11] Amy Brown discusses her inspiration behind Authenticx and the wealth of untapped data in customer interactions within the healthcare industry.

[00:06:32] Amy explains Authenticx's approach to listening at scale, focusing on near-real-time analysis of customer interactions to provide immediate feedback to agents post-interaction.

[00:10:19] The conversation shifts to discussing how Authenticx combines data visualizations and literal voice clips of customer feedback to empower leaders across functional areas to make informed decisions based on customer insights.

[00:13:36] Amy emphasizes the importance of using data to improve processes and technology decisions, not just individual interactions, and how Authenticx's AI-driven analytics can automate tasks to free up human resources for activation of data insights.

[00:27:17] Steve Pappas wraps up the episode, thanking Amy Brown for sharing insights into Authenticx's approach and encouraging listeners to visit Authenticx's website for more information.


1. "Listening at scale means accessing 100% of conversation data for actionable insights across the organization."

2. "Conversation data provides valuable insights for everyone, from the CX suite to the board."

3. "Unsolicited feedback is often the most reliable and can drive meaningful improvements."

4. "Using technology for ongoing listening helps businesses be proactive and responsive to customer needs."

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