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Science of CX

Andrew Woglemuth: Disrupting Your Market Niche

  • S3E160
  • 39:44
  • September 28th 2022

Andrew Wolgemuth founded Wove to recreate the way couples buy engagement rings in a highly traditional and outdated industry. 

He grew up in an entrepreneurial environment working at his parent jewelry company in Lancaster, PA. 

After attending West Point and serving as a Platoon Leader in the Army's 75th Ranger Regiment, Andrew attended Stanford GSB's Ignite Entrepreneurship Program where the idea for Wove was born.

Key Takeaways

  • Andrew gives us a background on his Jewellery business; the idea behind starting WOVE, alongside the products and services they provide
  • Re-discovering the elements of an amazing customer experience
  • Traditional jewelry stores; how they operate and how Andrew and his team have managed to successfully do things in a more modern and engaging way
  • The steps and procedures behind WOVE’s ability to give all its customers a satisfying and fulfilling experience
  • The benefits that Andrew is enjoying after making heavy upfront investments in his business processes
  • How Andrew and his team assist clients in making well-informed decisions on their purchases

Connect with Andrew 

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