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Beau Button: The Science of Retaining Customers

  • S4E192
  • 35:44
  • June 30th 2023

Beau Button has been actively involved with software development since he was 11 years old. He got his start learning about computers around age 9, digging into the hardware side of things first, and eventually picked up software development at age 11.

Having spent the majority of his career as a serial entrepreneur working in the government space Beau has now transitioned into the mobile gaming space through his company Atlas Reality, Inc.

In this episode Beau discusses their unique virtual real estate platform. We explore the challenges of designing customer experiences for products that don't fit into predefined categories and the business aspects of virtual real estate. 

Beau shares his journey of transitioning from software development to mobile gaming by founding his virtual real estate company, Atlas Reality. The company uses a lean approach with remote employees to build a legitimate business by Fintechifying games that provide fun and entertainment to players. 

Beau also explains the value of virtual real estate, revenue generation, and how they achieve higher revenue and concurrent users compared to blockchain-based platforms. He shares interesting anecdotes about how the platform was instrumental in generating sales for brands like Speedway, Burger King and Jamba Juice. The focus of Atlas Reality is on monetization, retention, and maximizing the lifetime value of their customers. 

Don't miss this episode to gain an in-depth understanding of Atlas Reality's unique approach to virtual real estate and customer experience.

Key Takeaways

  • We explore what inspired the idea for Atlas Reality's virtual real estate platform, and how Beau and his partner got started
  • Beau explains to us some of the challenges Atlas Reality faces in releasing new features to keep players engaged, alongside how they overcome these obstacles 
  • Some unique features of Atlas, and how they contribute to building customer loyalty and generating revenue 
  • How Beau and his team monetize their platform, and some of the key drivers of customer lifetime value 
  • Lessons other companies can learn from Atlas Reality's experience with onboarding new users and retaining customers
  •  How  Atlas Reality's partnership with Speedway fuels innovation and generates new revenue streams 
  • How customer experience factors into Atlas Reality's approach to game design and player retention
  • We discuss the impact virtual real estate and other emerging technologies have on the future of retail, advertising, and marketing 


[00:05:34] How Beau’s virtual real estate platform generates virtual rent.

[00:09:52] Virtual real estate born from gaming experience.

[00:14:19] Beau’s company, Atlas Empires pays users real money. 

[00:19:01] Virtual real estate games have two types of customers: clout-seekers and income-earners.

[00:26:12] Lean gaming company focuses on social good.

[00:31:22] Playing Roblox for money-making potential.


  • The Economics of Virtual Real Estate: "We do have players that can consistently cash out $20 - $30 per month, but that does require you to invest real money."

  • Atlas Reality’s Success in Virtual Real Estate: ''We average around 6,000 daily active users, for a small team and for a game in this space, that's huge."

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