Bharat Kanodia: How Transferrable is CX Upon a Sale artwork
Science of CX

Bharat Kanodia: How Transferrable is CX Upon a Sale

  • S2E69
  • 22:44
  • September 3rd 2021

Bharat is the founder of Veristrat, and the host of What's it Worth? A YouTube channel that helps individuals understand valuations so they can maximize their returns.

Bharat has been a Business Valuation expert for more than 20 years, and has valued assets in real estate, industrial, personal property and financial assets. 

Some of the topics we discuss in today’s episode include;

  • Bharat’s process of valuing a business
  • Why Cash Flow is the core agenda in determining the worth of a Business. 
  • Leveraging Customer Satisfaction to build a large network of consumers. 

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