Unveiling the Power of Structured Listening for CX Mastery with Chris Wallace artwork
Science of CX

Unveiling the Power of Structured Listening for CX Mastery with Chris Wallace

  • S4E209
  • 37:01
  • January 12th 2024

Chris Wallace is a seasoned expert in driving organizational change and enhancing customer experience through effective communication strategies. 

As the Founder of The InnerView Group and Infront Insights, Chris leverages his extensive experience to help companies reshape their customer interactions and elevate frontline performance.

With a focus on structured listening, Chris emphasizes the importance of understanding and responding to the needs of frontline employees. Through his platform, Infront Insights, he provides organizations with the tools and guidance needed to create a culture of continuous improvement and enhanced customer engagement.

A thought leader and advocate for frontline leaders, Chris recognizes their pivotal role in driving lasting change within organizations. His commitment to upskilling and supporting frontline leaders sets the foundation for successful change management initiatives, ensuring that organizations not only adapt to change but thrive in it.

Active on LinkedIn and a regular contributor to industry discussions, Chris Wallace continues to share his insights and expertise, inspiring others to prioritize structured listening and foster a culture of continuous improvement in their organizations.

Key Takeaways

1. Structured Listening is Crucial: The importance of structured listening within organizations. This goes beyond casual conversations and involves a systematic approach to understanding the needs and insights of frontline employees.

2. Frontline Leaders as Change Agents: The role of frontline leaders is paramount in the success of any change management initiative. They play a crucial role in maintaining continuous improvement within the organization.

3. Creative Media for Effective Communication: Whether it's podcasts, user-generated videos, or social media platforms, organizations should tailor their communication to match the preferred media of their audience.

4. ROI of Frontline Engagement:  Demonstrating a clear return on investment (ROI), Chris shares a success story where restructuring call interactions and aligning them with the brand message resulted in a 14x return in just six months. 


[00:05:12] The importance of focusing on frontline employees and customer experience, highlighting how these aspects significantly impact an organization's success.

[00:11:45] The need for a systematic approach beyond ad hoc conversations to understand frontline insights.

[00:19:03] Emphasizing the pivotal role of frontline leaders 

[00:25:48] Exploring the creative use of media for effective communication, Chris discusses the power of podcasts, user-generated videos, and social media in conveying evidence-backed messages to employees.

[00:31:39] Chris proposes a two-part homework assignment for listeners, encouraging organizations to evaluate their structured listening practices and asking frontline employees about one thing they want the company to know about customers.


1. "Success in sales is intertwined with good customer experience, hindered often by the limitations of tools and systems used by frontline teams."

2. "Frontline leaders are the linchpin to successful change—change agents who drive reinforcement and lasting cultural shifts."

3. "Structured listening is a valuable resource for driving change, offering insights from your team as a crucial first step."

4. "Culture change occurs when you safeguard time for continuous improvement, fostering both short-term adaptations and lasting transformation."

Connect with Chris

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherewallace/ 

Website - https://innerviewgroup.com/ 

X - https://twitter.com/innerviewgroup 

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