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Crafting Experiences Beyond Technology with Chris Wood

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  • 44:00
  • April 11th 2024

Chris Wood is a seasoned expert in customer experience (CX) transformation, with a focus on leveraging technology to enhance human connections and empathy in customer interactions. 

With a career spanning over two decades, Chris has been at the forefront of helping organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to non-profits, navigate the evolving landscape of customer engagement.

As the author of "Customer Transformation" and "Customer Transformation for Nonprofits," Chris has articulated a comprehensive framework for achieving CX excellence, emphasizing the prioritization of customer needs and emotions. 

Chris is a sought-after speaker and consultant, known for his dynamic presentations and practical insights into building customer-centric cultures. He is dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of data, technology, and human empathy to drive meaningful customer experiences and sustainable growth.

In addition to his writing and speaking engagements, Chris actively engages with organizations to develop tailored strategies that align with their unique customer experience goals. 

Through his website and social media channels, Chris continues to share his expertise and connect with professionals seeking to elevate their CX initiatives.

Key takeaways  

1. Prioritize the Customer Experience: Organizations should adopt an "outside-in" perspective, starting with understanding the customer's needs and emotions before formulating business strategies.

2. Embrace Human-Centric Technology: While technology like AI can enhance efficiency, it should not replace human connections. Businesses should leverage technology to augment, not replace, empathetic interactions with customers.

3. Utilize Data and Feedback: Analyze customer data, feedback, and sentiment to understand what is working and what needs improvement. This includes engaging with employees, monitoring social media, and gathering insights from competitors.

4. Continuous Improvement: Customer experience transformation is an ongoing process. Businesses must continuously reassess their strategies, adapt to changing customer needs, and prioritize the development of a customer-centric culture.


[00:23:20] Chris Wood challenges the underinvestment in customer support and emphasizes the importance of human connections over technology in business success.

[00:28:39] The evolution of emotion detection technology and its potential to revolutionize customer experience by providing real-time insights into customer sentiments.

[00:30:37] The limitations of current chatbot technology and the need for AI to detect customer emotions and frustrations beyond just text responses.

[00:34:35] The conversation shifts to developing a sound strategy for digital customer transformation.

[00:37:41] Chris Wood introduces the concept of the "outside-in" perspective for business strategy.

[00:41:42] Encouraging listeners to consider their own business strategies in light of the outside-in perspective and to prioritize the customer experience in their decision-making.


1. "Your underinvestment in support and your desire to replace human connections with technology is your downfall, nothing else." - Chris Wood

2. "Focus on the intelligence aspect rather than simplistic if-then approaches." - Chris Wood

3. "Look beyond surveys, involve customers in discussions, monitor social media, and analyze competitor actions." - Chris Wood

4. "Start with the customer and work your way to the business." - Chris Wood

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