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Craig Andrews: The Power of Irresistible First-Time Offers

  • S4E197
  • 28:14
  • August 28th 2023

Craig Andrews is the founder and principal ally of allies4me, a marketing agency that specializes in creating effective customer engagement strategies. 

After realizing that a traditional academic path was not his route to success, Craig embarked on a journey that led him to join the Marine Corps. 

Following his military service, Craig delved into the world of marketing and engineering. He pursued a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering, leading him to design cell phones and work with major mobile phone manufacturers. Despite achieving success in the engineering field, Craig felt a strong pull towards creative and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Craig's path eventually led him to found allies4me, a marketing agency that focuses on helping companies establish and nurture relationships with their customers. 

Drawing from his background in psychology and his deep understanding of human behavior, Craig developed the concept of "first time offers." He realized that building trust and engagement with customers through low-risk, low-commitment offers could lead to stronger, more profitable relationships.

With a passion for solving problems and creating value for both businesses and customers, Craig Andrews has become a dedicated advocate for the power of first time offers. His innovative approach to customer engagement has helped numerous businesses transform strangers into loyal advocates, resulting in accelerated growth and increased customer loyalty.

Key Takeaways

1. The Power of First Time Offers: The importance of leveraging first time offers to establish a strong foundation for building customer relationships. These offers, which provide significant value at a low cost, create a positive initial experience and encourage engagement. 

2. Shift from Selling to Serving: A fundamental shift from selling mode to serving mode is crucial when designing first time offers. Craig emphasizes that the primary focus should be on serving the customer and solving their problems rather than pushing for a sale.

3. Balancing Value and Price: Crafting a first time offer requires finding the right balance between value and price. Craig recommends creating offers that deliver at least ten times the value of the price charged. This ensures that customers perceive the offer as an incredible deal and builds a sense of reciprocity and loyalty. 

4. Transitioning from Free Samples: Craig cautions against giving away free samples as a means of attracting customers. Instead, he suggests that businesses offer a low-cost, high-value first time offer. This small investment from the customer's side triggers psychological shifts that lead to increased engagement, accountability, and receptiveness to future offerings. 

Key Timestamps 

[00:39] Introduction of Craig Andrews and the concept of first time offers as a powerful tool in building customer relationships.

[07:53] Illustration of successful first time offers through examples like Columbia House Records and Bob Stupac's Vegas World promotion.

[12:43] Crafting a first time offer in the B2B environment, emphasizing solving a known problem with high-value and making it an impulse purchase.

[15:01] Addressing CFO concerns and the importance of allocating a portion of the customer lifetime value to customer acquisition.

[19:37] The psychological impact of making a purchase, even a low-cost one, on customer engagement, accountability, and mindset shift.


1. "Shift from selling to serving. Solve problems, build trust."

2. "Remove risk. Make taking the first step easy. Price it low."

3. "Solve known pains, not unknown problems. Be the solution."

4. "When they buy, they engage. Real change starts with the purchase."

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