Dustin Reichmann: How Do You Develop a Bond With a Customer Before They Are a Customer? artwork
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Dustin Reichmann: How Do You Develop a Bond With a Customer Before They Are a Customer?

  • S3E153
  • 43:31
  • August 10th 2022

Dustin Riechmann is a business coach who helps ambitious entrepreneurs get unstuck & rapidly increase their profits with confidence. 

Unlike many coaches, everything Dustin teaches is based on real-world experience growing three successful online businesses. 

Dustin is best known for his Partnership Marketing System, which he has used to grow FireCreek Snacks into a 7-figure business without paid ads.

Dustin’s expertise covers different topics, including;

  • How to create a Partnership Marketing System to rapidly grow your online business for free
  • How to create a steady flow of highly-qualified leads for your B2B service business without paid ads
  • 3 keys to low-pressure high-ticket sales
  • How to use Podcast Guesting as a strategic marketing channel (the smart way)

If you’d love to grow your online business and network with other mission-driven entrepreneurs, have a listen to my interview with Dustin today. 

Key Takeaways

  • Dustin’s background and the genesis of his thriving business ventures
  • How Dustin and Ryan managed to make FireCreek such an exceptional product. And a product that stands from its substitutes in the market
  • The power of a genuine business story. How Dustin has been able to leverage his media appearances as a way to share information, and simultaneously grow his business
  • How to properly prep for a podcast interview; and build great relationships along the way too
  • Tips on how to draft an attractive and irresistible email pitch
  • Other forms of partnerships besides podcasting; Dustin’s win-win-win formula, and how he uses it to partner up with a network of future business partners

Connect with Dustin

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/dustinriechmann/  

Website (Coaching) -  https://simplesuccesscoaching.com/  

Website (FireCreek Snacks) - https://www.firecreeksnacks.com/  

Twitter - https://twitter.com/EngagedMarriage  

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