Jim Longo: The Evolution Of Market Research Into An Indespensable Customer Support Tool artwork
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Jim Longo: The Evolution Of Market Research Into An Indespensable Customer Support Tool

  • S1E157
  • 35:44
  • September 7th 2022

Jim is the Chief Strategy Officer at discuss.io, and a highly connected thought leader and popular international speaker in the market research industry. 

As a manager, Jim’s deep knowledge and innovative thinking is an invaluable asset on a daily basis to the growth and development of his team and company. He has a track record for recruiting highly dedicated professionals, allowing them to capitalize on their skills and talents and in turn elicit unparalleled commitment as their leader. 

Not only is Jim one of the most highly respected research executives in his niche, but his ability to articulate complex research projects into language everyone can understand is incredible.

As a speaker, Jim captivates his audience. As you’ll all notice, I very much enjoyed my discussion with him on the show today. His professionalism, insights, and strategic approach make today's episode a must-listen!

Key Takeaways

  • How qualitative research was done traditionally, and how it has evolved over time  
  • Jim’s transformational vision. How he and his partner were able to drastically shrink conversational timelines. 
  • Elements of a good moderator 
  • Paying more attention to emotion as a way of gathering useful information needed to make better decisions
  • Involving the customer in the product and service-making process
  • Market research in the B2B world
  • Transitioning from face-to-face to digital qualitative research
  • Ways of aligning your business needs to the customer's needs
  • Important things to note when defining personas within the company's cx initiative

Connect with Jim

Website - https://www.discuss.io/  

Email - [email protected] 

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/longomr/ 

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