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Dr. Jonathan Baktari: Mastering the Art of Customer Connection

  • S4E208
  • 31:23
  • January 3rd 2024

Dr. Jonathan Baktari is a distinguished figure at the intersection of medicine, entrepreneurship, and leadership. With over 20 years of experience, he has made a significant impact as a triple board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine, pulmonary, and critical care medicine.

As the CEO of Enational Testing, US Drug Test Centers, and E7 Health, Dr. Baktari has demonstrated his entrepreneurial prowess, leading national companies that redefine accessibility to laboratory testing, drug testing services, and preventative health and wellness.

A sought-after business thought leader, Dr. Baktari's insights have been featured in prestigious publications such as The Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, Barron's, and more. He is also an opinion writer for The Hill and the Toronto Star, contributing his expertise to a broad audience.

In addition to his corporate leadership, Dr. Baktari hosts the highly rated podcast "Baktari MD," where he shares valuable insights on various topics related to healthcare, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

Furthermore, Dr. Baktari extends his influence through educational initiatives, offering a "High Converting Call Class" to help businesses enhance their phone handling skills and drive higher conversion rates.

In his relentless pursuit of excellence, Dr. Jonathan Baktari continues to be a driving force in the healthcare and business realms, leaving an indelible mark on the intersection of medicine and entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways

1. Cultivating an Owner's Mentality: The importance of instilling an owner's mentality in employees. This approach aims to create a sense of responsibility and accountability among the staff, translating to a customer experience where interactions reflect the commitment and passion of owners.

2. Phone Handling as a Crucial Skill:  Through his "High Converting Call Class," Jonathan reveals that formal training in managing phone conversations can significantly boost appointment bookings and sales.

3. Challenges in the Healthcare Industry: The conversation delves into challenges within the healthcare industry, especially regarding the impact of third-party payments. The discussion highlights how external factors, such as the need to please third parties for payment, can sometimes distract healthcare professionals from delivering optimal patient care, leading to an unexpected focus on administrative tasks during patient visits.


[00:07:45] The concept of cultivating an owner's mentality among employees, elucidating how this mindset positively influences customer interactions and business success.

[00:17:02] Insights into the challenges faced by businesses, drawing parallels between a pizza shop owner and healthcare providers dealing with third-party payments.

[00:24:54] Overview of Dr. Baktari's companies—Enational Testing, US Drug Test Centers, and E7 Health—providing innovative solutions in healthcare, from convenient laboratory testing to nationwide drug testing and brick-and-mortar clinics.

[00:26:55] The importance of phone handling skills in business success and offering a systematic approach to improve appointment bookings and sales.

[00:29:20] Closing remarks, including various contact points for Dr. Baktari, his businesses, and additional resources such as the BaktariMD podcast available on YouTube and Spotify.


1. "An owner's mentality in employees ensures customer interactions reflect ownership values."

2. "Recorded phone calls reveal business losses—training staff in call handling is crucial."

3. "Rather than more marketing, focus on converting existing calls into appointments for quick wins."

Connect with Dr. Jonathan

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathan-baktarimd/ 

Website - https://jonathanbaktarimd.com/ 

Website - https://www.e7health.com/ https://www.usdrugtestcenters.com/ 

Podcast - https://jonathanbaktarimd.com/baktarimdshow/ 

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