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Unleashing High Performance and Maximizing Growth with Margie Oleson

  • S4E219
  • 47:21
  • April 17th 2024

Margie Oleson is a renowned expert in team performance and organizational dynamics, specializing in helping teams achieve high levels of productivity and growth. 

With a background in psychology and organizational development, Margie brings a unique blend of expertise in human behavior and business strategy.

Throughout her career, Margie has worked with numerous organizations across various industries, guiding them to optimize their teams' potential and create a culture of excellence.

Her approach emphasizes the importance of open communication, cross-functional alignment, and continuous learning to drive organizational success.

Margie is the founder of Olsen Consulting, a firm dedicated to helping teams and leaders unlock their full potential. 

She is also the creator of the Top Team Accelerator program, offering assessments and strategies to enhance team performance.

As a thought leader in team dynamics, Margie regularly shares her insights through speaking engagements, workshops, and online resources. 

She is passionate about empowering teams to thrive in today's dynamic and competitive business environment.

Key Takeaways

1. Optimize Meetings: Break out strategy and tactics in meetings, ensuring the right people are present and focusing discussions on the appropriate level of decision-making.

2. Cross-Functional Alignment: Foster open communication and cross-functional alignment to drive organizational success and leverage the collective expertise of diverse teams.

3. High-Performance Culture: Cultivate a high-performance culture by implementing systems and processes that promote productivity, growth, and continuous learning within teams.

4. Strategic Approach: Take a strategic approach to team development, including regular assessments, clear goal-setting, and ongoing refinement of meeting structures and processes.


[00:29:51] The importance of productivity, growth, and cross-functional alignment within organizations.

[00:31:05] Margie Oleson invites listeners to visit top teamaccelerator.com for a free team assessment and actionable recommendations.

[00:32:30] The challenges and inefficiencies of traditional meetings, emphasizing the need for strategic separation of tactics and strategies.

[00:35:24] Key strategies for conducting effective meetings, including agenda-setting, decision documentation, and follow-up actions.

[00:38:22] Margie Oleson and Steve Pappas discuss the impact of scheduled meetings and the importance of face-to-face interactions for fostering creativity and innovation.

[00:41:44] the financial implications of inefficient meetings and the need for organizations to quantify and address meeting-related costs.


1. "Our bodies and brains thrive on growth and productivity, so setting up systems that work for us can lead to incredible progress." - Margie Oleson

2. "Break out strategy and tactics in meetings, focusing on high performance and ensuring the right people are present for effective discussions." - Margie Oleson

3. "Document decisions, questions, and actions in meetings to ensure clarity and prevent missed opportunities." - Margie Oleson

4. "Face-to-face interactions foster energetic exchanges and spur creativity and innovation that virtual meetings may lack." - Margie Oleson

Connect with Margie

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/margieoleson/ 

Website - https://www.oleson-consulting.com/ 

Mail - [email protected] 

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