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Science of CX

Mark Newsome: Exponential Business Growth Through Marketing

  • S3E148
  • 35:52
  • July 22nd 2022

Mark Newsome, aka Mr. Marketing, is a small business direct response, cash flow generation strategist.

He helps profit-seeking entrepreneurs convert what they previously considered dead or greatly underutilized assets or resources into long-term income-generating assets. 

He routinely does this for literally pennies on the dollar.

Key Takeaways

  • Mark's career path. His industrious and humble beginnings in the real estate niche to become the Mr. Marketing we know today. 
  • Mining the real wealth and gold in business, i.e by leveraging on everything your current customer can do for you. 
  • How you can work alongside other existing business owners to effectively advertise your products and services. 
  • Converting a one-time sale into a perpetual income stream for your business. 
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Why it’s important to diversify your sales and marketing channels. 
  • Email list building. Understanding why owning a personal email database is the key driver for business growth. 

Connect with Mark

Website - 

LinkedIn - 

Email - [email protected]

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