CX Catalyst: Turning Agreement into Action with Megan Burns artwork
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CX Catalyst: Turning Agreement into Action with Megan Burns

  • S4E212
  • 45:32
  • January 31st 2024

Megan Burns is a seasoned expert in the field of Customer Experience and the Founder of Experience Enterprises. 

With a background as a software engineer, Megan brings a unique perspective to CX, focusing on the intersection of technology, human behavior, and business strategy. Her expertise lies in helping organizations navigate the complexities of customer-centric transformations.

During her tenure at Forrester, Megan led a dynamic team and served as an influential CX analyst. Her work extended beyond traditional consulting, delving into the psychology of pricing and the intricate aspects of customer satisfaction. She has a keen understanding of the challenges companies face when implementing CX initiatives and is known for her insights into activating organizations around CX.

Megan is the creator of the CX Frontiers Book Club, where she explores innovative concepts such as being a "catalyst" for CX success. 

Recognized for her thought leadership, she frequently shares her knowledge through speaking engagements and workshops, focusing on practical strategies to overcome activation challenges in the world of CX.

With a passion for helping organizations move beyond mere buy-in to active participation in CX initiatives, Megan Burns continues to make significant contributions to the field, inspiring change and fostering a deeper understanding of the human elements within customer experiences. 

Key Takeaways

1. Understanding the Multifaceted Nature of Customer Experience: The need to view customer experience as a multifaceted discipline that extends beyond mere transactions. 

2. Choosing the Right Approach to CX Initiatives: Megan provides insights into the various approaches companies can take when embarking on CX initiatives. 

3. Navigating the Activation Challenge in CX: Megan defines activation as the hurdle of getting individuals within an organization to take tangible actions based on their acknowledgment of the importance of CX. Techniques such as engineering epiphanies, facilitating first steps, and providing social proof are discussed as strategies to overcome the activation challenge.

4. Becoming a Catalyst for CX Success: The emphasis is on subtle yet impactful methods like engineering epiphanies, facilitating initial steps, and offering social proof to drive meaningful CX transformations.


[00:02:15] Megan Burns introduces the nuanced nature of customer experience, emphasizing the psychological aspects of pricing and the value of time in the overall cost calculation.

[00:10:45] Exploring the challenges organizations face when selecting consultants for CX initiatives.  The importance of distinguishing between consultancies that "do it for you" versus those that "do it with you."

[00:19:30] Megan delves into the activation challenge in CX, highlighting the difficulty of moving individuals within organizations from acknowledging the importance of CX to taking tangible actions.  

[00:27:15] Discussing the intricacies of working with technology, governance, standards, and feedback mechanisms in CX initiatives. 

[00:37:45] Megan discusses behind-the-scenes strategies for creating opportunities and exposing individuals to CX initiatives without imposing them, fostering a smoother organizational transition.


1. "Activation is the challenge of turning the unanimous agreement on the importance of Customer Experience into meaningful action."

2. "Successful CX leaders are catalysts, reorienting things to make the reaction toward customer-centricity go faster."

3. "Facilitating first steps is crucial; sometimes you have to guide people in doing customer-centric actions the first time."

4. "Social proof is powerful; people are more willing to embrace change if they see others, especially influential figures, are doing it too."

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