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Navigating Knowledge Transfer with Greg DeVore

  • S4E213
  • 31:44
  • February 7th 2024

Greg DeVore is a seasoned expert in the field of knowledge transfer and customer experience. As the co-founder of ScreenSteps, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the way organizations share knowledge, Greg brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table.

With a background deeply rooted in understanding the intricacies of contact centers and customer support, Greg has played a pivotal role in developing the "Find and Follow" methodology. 

This innovative approach focuses on systematizing processes and leveraging AI to bridge the gap between knowledge acquisition and application, particularly in the onboarding and launch processes.

Passionate about the intersection of AI and knowledge management, Greg emphasizes the importance of a single source of truth for AI systems to be effective. 

He sheds light on how AI, when supported by a robust knowledge base, can significantly enhance operational efficiency, especially in contact centers.

As a thought leader in the industry, Greg DeVore regularly shares his insights on LinkedIn, providing anecdotes, stories, and concepts around the "Find and Follow" framework and the broader landscape of knowledge transfer.

Connect with Greg DeVore on LinkedIn to stay updated on his latest thoughts and contributions to the evolving field of knowledge management and customer experience.

Key Takeaways

1. Knowledge Transfer Revolution: Greg DeVore discusses the transformative impact of the "Find and Follow" methodology, emphasizing the need to systematize processes and leverage AI in knowledge transfer.  

2. AI's Role in Knowledge Management:  Greg highlights the significance of having a single source of truth for AI systems to function effectively. While AI chatbots have the potential to excel, their success is heavily dependent on the quality and clarity of the underlying knowledge.

3. Behavior and Culture in Knowledge Ops:  Greg introduces the Knowledge Ops Maturity Model, encouraging organizations to assess their knowledge transfer efficiency based on behavior and culture rather than just technology.  


[00:01:39] Steve Pappas officially welcomes Greg DeVore to the show, initiating the conversation about the challenges and solutions in knowledge transfer within organizations.

[00:20:07] Greg DeVore discusses the excitement around systematizing processes and the valuable role of AI in translating knowledge dumps into actionable insights during the onboarding and launch processes.

[00:23:52] The discussion delves into the role of AI in the contact center, addressing misconceptions and highlighting the importance of a single source of truth for effective AI assistance.

[00:28:07] Greg suggests two practical homework assignments: a self-assessment of an organization's use of tribal knowledge and the adoption of the knowledge ops maturity model, and building an onboarding program through "find and follow" workshops.

[00:31:13] The podcast concludes with Steve Pappas thanking Greg DeVore for sharing insights on knowledge transfer, and a brief mention of CX Stash, a directory of customer experience-related technology.


1. "AI is valuable in translating knowledge dumps into actual knowledge, significantly speeding up the onboarding launch process."  

2. "Success in a contact center is when the CEO can use the knowledge system, and getting agents to the point where they feel confident handling calls solo is key."  

3. "AI works well with a single source of truth, but its effectiveness depends on capturing the actual questions and nuances, feeding only what it's been given."  

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