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Science of CX

Amanda Ono: Maximising Your Employees’ Performance Abilities

  • S3E176
  • 36:23
  • February 8th 2023

Amanda Ono has spent her career learning to maximize a company's most valuable investment — its people. 

Boasting over 20 years of international experience in organizational development, HR consulting, and change management, she’s implemented successful talent and leadership initiatives in six countries across four continents. 

You can currently find her at Resolver, a Kroll business and worldwide leader in defining risk intelligence, making her mark as both VP of Customer Experience and VP of People & Culture.

Key Takeaways

  • Amanda’s career journey. How she unknowingly found herself on the cx path, and the passion she has working as a hr officer at Resolver
  • Employee satisfaction. Amanda discusses the personal experiences that she went through, which made her come to the conclusion that happy employees, equal happy customers
  • Implementing technologies at Resolver. How Amanda placed herself in her customer’s shoes as a way of taking note of and fixing missing links in the cx journey
  • Promoting customer empathy within an organization’s team, and why this is really important on the road to creating long-lasting relationships with your customers
  • Why hiring and acquiring the right talent is the most important step for a business's success
  • What cx skills has Amanda gained as a result of working in other countries?
  • Planning ahead, and why drafting risk mitigation strategies is critical for business growth

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