Episode 6: The Ghost of Rob Roy artwork

Episode 6: The Ghost of Rob Roy

  • S1E6
  • 16:38
  • March 8th 2022

“There’s something in that cave…”


Colin Little

Kirsty Strain

Paul Kozinski

Natalie Clark

Euan Cuthbertson

Karen Bartke

Scott Mooney

Lucy McGarvey

James Keenan

Stephanie Falls

Creative Team:

Created and Written by Chris Patrick

Sound: Fraser Allan

Casting: Lisa Nicoll

Production Manager: Christopher Osborne

Writer/Director/Executive Producer: Chris Patrick

Funded by National Lottery through Creative Scotland

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SEARCH - created and written by Chris Patrick.

"Where did they go?" When Journalist Matt McNair receives footage of a mysterious figure appearing throughout Scotland, he travels the country to investigate the mystery, and discovers Scotland's untold secrets, including the truth of his fathers disappearance many years before. What Matt uncovers is only the beginning, and there's no going back.

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Funded by Creative Scotland.