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Secret Men's Business

Created by Bad Boys Productions • 36 episodes

36 Episodes

Season 1 Wrap Up
  • S1E36
  • 52:30
  • November 10th 2020
Healing Through Understanding
  • S1E35
  • 56:39
  • November 3rd 2020
Self Forgiveness - Part 2
  • S1E34
  • 59:12
  • October 27th 2020
Raising Teenagers
  • S1E33
  • 56:53
  • October 20th 2020
It’s not your fault
  • S1E31
  • 57:27
  • October 6th 2020
Redefining Masculinity - Part 2
  • S1E30
  • 58:01
  • September 29th 2020
Your Melodrama is Poisoning You
  • S1E29
  • 57:12
  • September 22nd 2020
Being Kind is the New Cool
  • S1E28
  • 58:31
  • September 15th 2020
Your Lens is Obscuring Your Reality
  • S1E27
  • 56:43
  • September 8th 2020

Secret Men's Business

Two guys, from different worlds havin’ a yarn to break down the barriers created from centuries of battles. Let’s put down our body armour, tools & weapons, and focus on what’s important, to open up space and time for real discussions.

The conversations of men from all walks & generations are changing, and now is the time to speak up and leave the ego behind because our dialogue needs to change.

This show is about having the discussions the world says needs to be had, but no one is willing to start. Dwayne and Andrew fearlessly go where no man has been before, with a few laughs, a couple of tears and a jolly good dose of wisdom.

It is time for the Secret’s to be shared, because sometimes it’s the Secrets we keep, that does us the most harm.

Join us in your search for a better understanding, with Secret Men’s Business.

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