Ep 16 - More Work To Be Done | Shay Thompson artwork
Seeking Out The Next Generation

Ep 16 - More Work To Be Done | Shay Thompson

  • S1E16
  • 22:43
  • June 16th 2020

On this week’s episode Seeking Out co-host Lou Bray interviews presenter and gamer Shay Thompson. We tap into the games industry, and learn about Shay's experiences from the early days as a runner to more recently presenting the finals of a sim-racing tournament. Shay also talks about the challenges of being a black woman in the games industry and we find out more about her own initiatives to make gaming more inclusive.

If you want to find out more about what Shay is working on, you can find her presenting Glass House Games on YouTube or discover more about the Level Up Link Up initiative on Twitter, @leveluplinkup.

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Due to the social distancing measures, this episode of Seeking Out was recorded on Zencastr!

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