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Senior Moments

Capturing Family Legacies

  • S4E30
  • 34:45
  • November 22nd 2023

Welcome Mike Stith for this compelling episode of Senior Moments! We're honored to host the visionary founder behind the renowned company, One Legacy, LLC.

Join us as we delve into the incredible story of how One Legacy, LLC began and explore the depths of Mike's latest endeavor, the authorized biography "At Your Service," chronicling the life of the legendary Eugene “Uncle Gene” Verdu.

Mike Stith has not only pioneered innovation in the story sharing for various communities, but has also dedicated himself to preserving and celebrating the legacies for seniors and their families. One Legacy, LLC his brainchild, stands as a testament to this commitment. In our conversation, Mike provides an exclusive insight into the mission and values that drive One Legacy, LLC, highlighting the company's impact on the family history/story sharing landscape.

The spotlight then turns to Mike's latest project, "At Your Service." As the authorized biographer of Eugene Verdu, a figure whose influence has rippled through the seniors in southern Illinois to the children of Belize. Mike shares the journey of uncovering and narrating Verdu's extraordinary life of giving. From the early chapters of “Uncle Gene's life to the pivotal moments that shaped his legacy, Mike's storytelling prowess captures it all in "At Your Service."

Whether you're captivated by entrepreneurial journeys, intrigued by the dynamics of story sharing, or simply a fan of compelling biographies, this episode promises a rich tapestry of insights. Join us as we explore the intersections of legacy, entrepreneurship, and storytelling with the incomparable Mike Stith.

Get ready to be inspired and informed by the wisdom of a true industry leader. Tune in to “Senior Moments” for an engaging conversation that unveils the power of family legacy, entrepreneurship, and the fascinating story of "At Your Service."

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Senior Moments

The Senior Moments podcast is designed to explore the positive stories of aging. Stories about people living their best lives in retirement and sharing their secrets to happiness. Finding companies and individuals with innovative technologies, ideas, and making a difference for our nation's most treasured individuals; our seniors! Join us to hear for yourself what great stories are waiting to be told.

Meet the Host

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Carol Chiarito
Host and Founder--The Love a Senior Company

Carol Chiarito worked as a financial representative since 2004. 

As a former teacher and coach, education has become the center of her business. In 2009 Carol began looking for elder care for her mother and found the experience harrowing. Since then she has been working with seniors and their families to create a plan for aging, senior living and retirement. 

Through the experiences with her Mom, Carol started the non-profit "The Love A Senior Company" to bring awareness to seniors of products, ideas, technology, and where to find the answers to the questions everyone has as well as to teach the celebration of aging. The popular "Love A Senior Day" (available for any city to bring to town to create a celebration for the community's seniors, as well as the newly released "Senior Moments" Podcast, the Love a Senior Pen Pal program and the coming soon; "Teach Your Grandma Technology" You Tube series are all a part of the workings of The Love A Senior Company.

Carol is active on many boards in her community, statewide, and nationally. She is a past President of Kiwanis Club of Pueblo as well as the clubs' foundation, and has served on the National Governance Committee board for the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), as well as many positions with Million Dollar Round Table Foundation, and served on the foundation of the local Parkview Hospital.

Carol and her husband Rick have five children and eleven grandchildren. In her free time she enjoys traveling, snowmobiling, four wheeling, and visiting the children, and grandchildren. 

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