Reclaiming Pleasure: A Conversation with Bellesa Founder Michelle Shnaidman artwork

Reclaiming Pleasure: A Conversation with Bellesa Founder Michelle Shnaidman

  • S1E84
  • 41:58
  • May 8th 2024

Join us as we sit down with Michelle Shnaidman, the Founder and CEO of Bellesa, a trailblazing leader in the sex tech space. Discover Michelle's passion-driven journey to destigmatize sex and empower women to embrace their sexuality unapologetically through Bellesa. Explore how Bellesa's mission to close the pleasure gap and build community is reshaping conversations around sexual wellness. 

Learn about the impact of normalizing pleasure, eradicating shame, and creating a safe space for exploring desires and fantasies. Tune in to uncover insights into women's sexuality, pleasure positivity, and the transformative power of embracing sexual wellness without shame.


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