Willy Canuck ft Peter Memmott from JoinFS 02/06/21 artwork
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Willy Canuck ft Peter Memmott from JoinFS 02/06/21

  • 1:59:02
  • February 7th 2021

On the next Haggis and Poutine Show, Willy sits down with Peter to talk about his innovative multiplayer utility that allows simmers to fly together using any of the major sim platforms! Peter tells us all about his amazing application that connects simmers from X-Plane, FS2020, FSX and P3d into a single, unified multiplayer environment. He also lets us in on an amazing feature as well as some of the exciting new ideas he wants to bring to online simming. Set to classic rock and 80’s score of great hits, this Sunday’s show will get you eager to call up your buddies and fly together with your simulators of choice. Check out and download JoinFS from Peter’s website at: https://pmem.uk/joinfs/ You can also check out Peter’s favourite online flying club: CIX VFR

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