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Finding Your Business Niche with GoatTastic Skin feat. Chris AKA Goatman

  • S1E7
  • 30:12
  • November 25th 2021

In this episode of The Beef, John chats to Chris, AKA Goatman, about the amazing company and store he has set up, offering customers an array of healthy goat milk products! If you are interested in the recipe for staying young and healthy, Chris has good news for you! After discovering, first hand, the impact that goat milk had on his appearance and health, Chris desperately wanted to help other people to feel the same way, without having to smell like lavender all the time! In our conversation, we get to hear about how a love of helping people to feel better about themselves motivated Chris’ work, some of his plans for the future of the business and the store, and why he strongly believes in giving customers a look behind the curtain. We also discuss the specific health benefits of goat's milk and how these products can combat common irritations, and much more, so make sure to listen in with us to hear all that the Goatman has to say!

Key Points From This Episode:

• Chris' memories of eating food from the floor as a younger person! 

• A little bit of background to GoatTastic, their history, and the products they offer.  

• The health benefits associated with goat's milk and the different ways it can be used. 

• Developing the products and the work that went into branding the company in the right way. 

• The presence and passion that Chris puts into the company, and how that has served them.

• Some details about the farm and the store; physical locations and the website.  

• The rest of the family farm, other animals, and future plans for its development.  

• Giving people a view behind the scenes, and connecting the consumer with the source.  

• Getting to grips with skin issues and irritations and the problem with many mass-market products.

• Where to find GoatTastic online and across the different social media platforms!

• Further products from the company, and more reasons to be excited about checking them out. 


“We shop local, we eat local, we play local.” — Goatman [0:04:42]

“I just got sick and tired of smelling like lavender.” — Goatman [0:08:51]

“Men are afraid to pamper themselves. Don't be, go do it! I'm 40 and I look like I'm 35!” — Goatman [0:09:53]

“It's all about customer service and knowing your community.” — Goatman [0:12:21]

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