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Mental Health in the Workplace with Mighty Medic Handyman and Carpentry feat. Pierre Benitez

  • S1E20
  • 51:24
  • February 24th 2022

Welcome back to another episode of the Beef! Today we welcome Pierre Benitez, a medic who started Mighty Medic Handyman and Carpentry, where he dedicates 5% of his sales to mental health. Tune in to hear how Pierre started his business as a handyman and how he applies the same principles to his work on the ambulance and in the home. He tells us why he would never leave being a paramedic, even if his business skyrockets, and we touch on some meaningful ways to support small businesses without spending money. In conclusion, we talk about TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram, and how each one offers unique value to the businesses that use it. John shares the story of how he was once a TikTok naysayer, and how he now benefits from it for his own business as John the Marketer. Join us to hear all this and more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Pierre Benitez.
  • Why he would rather be the funniest person in the room than the smartest.
  • How he started his career as a musician on Carnival Cruise Lines before entering the medical field in Crosby, Texas.
  • The story of where the Mighty Medic came from and how he settled on a name for it.
  • How the Mighty Medic allows Pierre to switch off from medicine and trauma.
  • Why he has chosen to dedicate 5% of all his sales to mental health.
  • The story of how John's aunt knocked on his door to tell him his mother wasn’t breathing.
  • Why he would never leave being a paramedic, even if his business skyrockets.
  • How the same principle as being there in your time of need is applied to Mighty Medic and his work on the ambulance.
  • Ways to support small businesses without spending money.
  • The resources available on the Mighty Medic’s Facebook page which make it easy to engage.
  • Why TikTok is a useful resource for educating and entertaining your audience.
  • How John the Marketer started as a naysayer, but now benefits from TikTok.
  • Why you should put 100% of your personality into your marketing. 
  • How truly connecting with your audience launches you even further. 
  • Why Instagram is so important and how everyone has their own niche.
  • What each platform provides for businesses.
  • How to best support Mighty Medic. 
  • How Pierre feels about the future and what’s next for Mighty Medic.


“5% of all my sales goes towards mental health. That means so much to me. Because that’s one of the most under-served things an EMS requires.” — Pierre Benitez [0:23:43]

“This podcast is about personal stories, so there’s nothing wrong with going on that tangent, talking about it, and it all ties back in because Mighty Medic helps mental health!” — John Kelley [0:30:39]

“I’ll probably never stop being a paramedic. Even if this thing blows up into a crazy huge company, I will probably still work on the ambulance.” — Pierre Benitez [0:31:45]

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