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The Magic of Knowing Your Value with More Than Magic feat. Ben Jackson

  • S1E14
  • 52:30
  • January 13th 2022

Need a little magic in your life? Look no further. Ben Jackson is here today to share the story of how he fell in love with magic and ended up pursuing it as a career. You’ll hear why practicing in the mirror is not enough and why Ben believes that there is no shortcut to success. His goal is to put on a clean show that gives listeners a break from the world and, in today’s episode, he tells us how he adds value to trade shows and corporate events that extends far beyond just performing a magic show. He believes that it’s essential for business owners to know the value they bring to the table and urges listeners to consider what that is before telling us all about his show: Magic, Music, and Mayhem. You’ll also hear why he believes that your time is the most valuable gift you can give somebody, why he was asked to spend time with a terminally ill young boy, and how that changed his outlook. In closing, Ben reminds us why it is so important to know why it is that you do what you do. Join us to hear more! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, Ben Jackson. 
  • Ben weighs in on how the pandemic impacted his work as a magician.
  • The story of how Ben met his father’s friend, the magic enthusiast, before visiting Magic City.
  • How he went from pursuing a career as a medical rep to working as a full-time magician.
  • Why practicing the mirror is not sufficient; you won’t learn showmanship!
  • The story of how he got his first real big break performing at a small Italian restaurant.
  • What he believes about success: there is no shortcut.
  • Why he chooses to put on a clean show that gives people a break from the rest of the world.
  • Advice he received from a friend: no-one needs a magician!
  • His role to become a part of the organization and create visibility by drawing people in.
  • How companies can accomplish their business objectives with his services.
  • Why we need to know the value that we bring to the table as business owners.
  • The show he puts on with his wife at the Four Seasons: Magic, Music, and Mayhem.
  • How his experience differs when people are there to see him versus attending an event.
  • Why time is the most valuable gift you can give somebody.
  • Ben tells the story of how he spent some time with a terminally ill young boy.
  • The importance of focusing on why you do what you do.


“It’s one thing to perform in front of your mirror at your house and fool yourself, but that only goes so far because, as much as you want to practice, you will not know the right beats of misdirection.” — Ben Jackson [0:11:46]

“There’s no shortcut to success. There’s no overnight success.” — Ben Jackson [0:18:31]

“It’s not just doing a trick that fools you. That’s why I think companies hire me again and again and again, because we know that Ben’s going to be polite and professional. He’s going to show up on time, but he really is going to accomplish our business objective.” — Ben Jackson [0:28:54]

“We have to know, as business owners, the value that we bring to the table.” — Ben Jackson [0:31:52]

“The greatest gift you can give somebody is your time. Time is a finite resource. We only have so much of it.” — Ben Jackson [0:35:50]

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