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Small Business Origins

Small Business Stories: The Beef Podcast Origins

  • S1E47
  • 44:32
  • September 1st 2022

Holy Cow! (See what I did there?) Join the Beefy Marketing team as we discuss our recent trip to Dallas, TX to attend the podcast conference known as Podcast Movement 2022 and the future of The Beef Podcast. No, we aren’t going anywhere, but big changes are coming and this is your chance to hear it first! John The Marketer, John The Video and Andrew Brockenbush chime in on their experiences from the conference and things they took away from it, and how that influenced the way this podcast will be growing soon. This episode is everything you expect from these three, lots of laughs, some serious conversation and a few hints about the widened, nationwide search to tell the stories of entrepreneurs and small businesses. 🐂

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Small Business Origins

Small businesses are the backbone of America and they help keep the spirit of Texas alive. As many as 50% will close their doors forever after just five years and we're here to change that. We know how tough it is to be an Entrepreneur these days, so we're giving small business owners a platform to share their story. Listen in as we share the personal and business stories of Entrepreneurs and companies around the nation. From "Mom and Pop" shops to multi-million dollar investors, we dive into where they came from and how they are making it today. New episodes are released every Thursday and links to our guests are always available in the show notes.

**The views expressed here are solely representative of those stating their opinions and does not necessarily reflect the views of John Kelley or Beefy Marketing. Small Business Origins invites guests to speak of their experience and offer personal opinions on a range of topics, none of which is censored or scripted. Nothing expressed in any episode should be taken as advice for any subject including financial decisions, medical decisions or life choices. Please consult an appropriate expert if you have questions regarding any topic discussed on Small Business Origins.**

Meet the Host

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John Kelley

John is a Texas firefighter, entrepreneur and marketing advisor. As a business major, small business owner and marketing advisor for Beefy Marketing, he has become very familiar with the challenges entrepreneurs face every day. Bringing his humor and love for helping others to The Small Business Origins Podcast, he dives deep into what makes each business tick, helping bring useful information to other small business owners. Learning all about a business and putting them into the spotlight gives listeners a reason to visit each business featured and give them a try.